Teaching Methodology

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. - Jackson Brown

Planned Curriculum

It is a known fact that brain of child and overall developing begins from preschool. The toddlers learn best through direct experience, play, exploration and query. Children learn to think, reason, question and explore as they participate in hand on activities with variety of colourful materials. The curriculum is designed on research adopting integrated and holistic approach to learn.

Activity Based Learning (ABL)

It is an active teaching learning methodology. As kids are intense learners they grasp quickly. The planned lessons are full of fun based activities to motivate confidence, interaction and discovery. We provide all possible opportunities to express their ideas to have new experiences.

Intellectual Skill

Our scientifically designed curriculum focuses on child's senses to develop memory, observations, problem solving, thinking and ensuing intellectual development to child.

Physical Development

We have a variety of physical activities and games which have been planned to develop childs gross and motor skills in our colourful atmosphere.

Languages Social Development

The planned curriculum lays stress on language and social development. By using activities based on daily lives kids express feeling and develop different skills. Group play and sharing activities ensures development of social skill.

Creative Development

To explore the child interest activities like dance music, colours are used. The Childs imaginations soars as he creates things. Apart from inculcating good behaviour and etiquettes we also impart qualities like leadership, responsibility, confidence, independence and emotional skill.