Reyansh has incomparable infrastructure
and facilities providing a fulfilled environment.

Our preschool is safe, secure hygienic, purposefully built, colourful, beautifully designed and well equipped digital preschool.

Our colourful air cooled classes are designed to to address each childs needs and abilities and development level.

The colourful theme walls and beautifully designed furniture makes a dream place for toddlers. The classes & play areas are completely safe & secure with high quality cameras and Audio Visual teaching aid is used to develop various skills.

The entire school is divided into various zones to make learning easier. A child grasps what ever is given.

Play way learning room

It is a spacious, colourful room filled with different stories showing artists dream and creativity. The picture cards, puzzles, toxic toys, educational games, add more to learning. Pictorial books help in language and social development. There are further different corners like.